Almesan Akademi

Vocational Training Modules

Almesan Akademi principlizing of “The most important resource for new markets, new customers, new targets is competent human resources” has been established by the aim of to train own trainers within its own structure, to train its employees through its own trainers, and to raise the competency level of employees.

It runs its business in three main areas as training, competence and performance development.

As Almesan Akademi, our goals are;

  • To ensure that Almesan employees acquire the information they will use in their business and daily life.
  • To be a guide for every employee of Almesan
  • To cooperate with institutions such as the Ministry of National Education, universities, vocational schools, vocational high schools, and vocational qualification institutions.

With our ‘Learning Together Goal’, it is aimed that each Almesan personnel (without white-blue collar discrimination) who have managerial responsibility, contribute to the personal development of at least one colleague in 1 year and have a share in increasing the level of competence. The foundations of the trainings prepared accordingly are as follows:

  • Technical trainings for professional knowledge and further specialization (for example, operatorship)
  • Training modules for the quality of each job and process
  • Training modules for the environmental and OHS rules of each job and process (including ergonomic working conditions)
  • Training modules for the energy efficiency of every job and process
  • Training modules for information management and data entry of every job and process

The following training modules have been prepared according to the training foundations:

  • Training of the Trainer
  • Aluminium Basic Training
  • Twin Band Casting Line Operator Program
  • Roller Casting Line Operator Program
  • Cold Rolling Lines Operator Program
  • Annealing and Heat Treatment Operator Program
  • Press Lines Operator Program
  • Plate Evaluation Lines Operator Program
  • Packaging Operator Program
  • Transport, Loading, Lifting Training
  • Crucible Casting Operator Program
  • Operational Quality and Laboratory Management

Orientation Trainings

Orientation training continues in a controlled manner in accordance with the pandemic conditions. It is obligatory for both the new personnel and the existing personnel to receive general and OHS training specific to their field of work, as well as orientation training. Trainings are repeated periodically.

Motivation Training

Motivation Trainings are carried out in order to increase the awareness of our employees about teamwork, to maximize synergy and efficiency, to ensure their success and target-oriented work, to positively affect working processes, and to gain leadership skills and self-confidence.

Emergency Trainings

Trainings are carried out according to the priorities included in the risk assessments of Almesan Alüminyum. At least once a year, drills and then training are carried out for each scenario.