Our Sustainability Priorities

Our references while determining our sustainability priorities

  • Selçuklu Holding corporate values
  • Almesan Alüminyum corporate values
  • Feedback and expectations of our stakeholders
  • Holding and company strategies
  • Market conditions and expectations
  • Institutional and legal obligations
  • EU Green Deal
  • UN Global Compact
  • UN Sustainable Development GoalsWhile determining the sustainability priorities of Almesan Alüminyum, the sustainability priorities determined   have also been linked to which SDGs have direct and indirect contributions.The stakeholder analysis and feedback we prepared played an important role in determining our priorities. The results of our sustainability survey, which was completed with the feedback of our representatives, customers and employees, which we determined by sampling method from Almesan Alüminyum’s stakeholders, also contributed significantly to the determination of our priorities.
    SASB’s documents and suggested methods were used while creating our Materiality Matrix and determining the metrics.Our sustainability priority topics are as follows:

1 Occupational Health and Safety | 2 Risk Management | 3 Energy Management | 4 Waste Management | 5 Water Management | 6 Anti-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity | 7 Green House Gases Emissions | 8 Customer Satisfaction | 9 Product Quality and Safety | 10 Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption | 11 Information Security Management | 12 Biodiversity  |13 Procurement Management | 14 R-D and Innovation | 15 Training and Competency Management | 16 Communication with Stakeholders | 17 Employee Satisfaction | 18 Social Accountability | 19 Business Ethics and Transparency

While preparing the Materiality Matrix, three classes were determined as important, , very important and extremely important  While making the evaluations, in some cases, average values were taken over a score between 1 and 4. In some cases, a 100-point evaluation was used to make it clearer. The matrix was converted into a graph out of 100 full points by transforming other valuation criteria.

Evaluation ranges are defined below. The evaluations of the stakeholders were taken 5 points lower and their importance levels were increased.

  Important Very Important Extremely Important
Almesan Alüminyum > 55 55 – 65 ≤ 65
Stakeholders > 50 50 – 60 ≤   60