Almesan Alüminyum

Almesan Alüminyum started its commercial activities in 1994, decided to make its first industrial investment in 2008 and to continue as industrial entity. It has completely purchased a Canadian facility producing for the important automotive manufacturers of North America, and moved the facility to the current location in Arslanbey Organized Industrial Zone, and started its production activities since 2009 with a successful commissioning process.

Almesan Alüminyum as an only twin band casting technology user of Türkiye, is besides the leader in the production of slugs and discs in the aluminum flat product sector, in 2018, it has completed its investment upto 1600 mm width continuous casting line including cut-to-length, press, cold rolling, annealing, washing-tensioning and slitting lines for new emerging markets.

Almesan Alüminyum’s Production Facilities located in Kocaeli Arslanbey Organized Industrial Zone have 100.000 m² open and 50.000 m² closed area. Incorporating two different production technologies, Almesan Alüminyum has an annual production capacity of 50 thousand tons of casting and hot rolled coils.

Almesan Alüminyum; cold and hot rolled flat products together with disc production presses, slug production presses, cold-hot forging presses and machining benches, specific mold inventory that can produce different parts with wide ranges, slug annealing furnaces, quenching and aging furnaces, surface sandblasting, with process equipment that can perform vibration and roughening operations; It has an annual production capability and capacity of 30,000 tons of aluminum discs, slugs, strips, automotive rod parts. Almesan Alüminyum is able to manufacture its own production molds for parts orders of different sizes and geometries from its customers. 4xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx series alloys are produced only by Almesan Alüminyum in Türkiye with twin band casting technology.

Almesan Alüminyum supplying aluminum semi-products to the world’s leading kitchenware manufacturers, also serves as the main supplier to the manufacturers of well-known large retail chains. stores. In addition to the kitchenware industry, Almesan Alüminyum supplies materials, semi-products and cold hot formed parts to spare parts manufacturers of the world’s leading automotive brands.

The energy sector is a promising market for Almesan Alüminyum with transformer and cable manufacturers.

More than 50 percent of the sales are exported, and European countries are the main sales geography. In addition, North America and the Middle East are also among the emerging markets.