At Almesan Alüminyum, environmental management is evaluated by the top management with a risk and opportunity-oriented approach and risk management outputs. Almesan carries out this process throughout the strategies determined in accordance with the relevant legislations, taking into account its sustainability priorities.

As Almesan Alüminyum, we aim to evaluate our environmental impacts and risks and ensure sustainable resource use by applying environmental management system requirements in all our activities, together with the basic principle of “performing all activities by priorly considering the environmental protection” and “environmental-oriented sustainability” approach.

Almesan Alüminyum has a commitment:

  • To fulfill all legal and other requirements in terms of environment,
  • To reduce resource consumption by using energy properly and efficiently.
  • To support recycling by reducing waste generation,
  • To take precautions to reduce environmental pollution at source,
  • To ensure continuous improvement of environmental performance,
  • To ensure the engagementt of all our stakeholders by informing all our employees, guests, suppliers and the public.

While setting environmental goals and objectives, the following criteria are considered: Significant environmental aspects, legal regulations, environmental operating costs, difficulties in recycling and waste management, awareness of possible environmental impact, clear risk determination of environmental impact.

The main areas of work of environmental management are climate change, water efficiency, reduction of waste, greenhouse gas emissions and all other environmental impacts, increasing environmental awareness among employees and society, protection and development of natural life.

Almesan Alüminyum determines the life cycle approach of environmental aspects that can be controlled, affected and related to its activities, products and services by the scope of the environmental management process defined. In the management of these issues, internal and international standards are followed. In this way, all activities are implemented through processes in accordance with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard. While evaluating the management of environmental issues in a wide scope, our priority is to keep compliance with the relevant legal regulations and legislation.

A working group has been organized, in which the environmental effects of the processes are determined from a life-cycle perspective, and started its work. In the way of the Sustainable Development Goals, efforts are continued to manage the environmental impacts arising from operations with a holistic approach within the scope of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

Almesan Alüminyum closely follows the national and international agenda on climate change. In this context, Working groups, meetings, seminars and studies to climate change organized by relevant institutions, non-governmental organizations in the country and abroad, especially the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of Rep. of Türkiye are followed.

In this context, the effects of current and future activities are defined and environmental aspects are evaluated on a process basis in Environmental Aspect Control Charts. Almesan Alüminyum has defined the necessary methods to determine the environmental impacts that it affects and can be kept under control as a result of its activities, and to prevent, mitigate or prevent its reoccurrence of its effects on the environment. Environmental dimensions are reviewed in case of changing activities and conditions, and environmental dimensions are redefined when necessary.

We handle the controls and audits of environmental management in all our facilities with an interdisciplinary approach, under the coordination of environmental engineers, from whom we receive consultancy services. We monitor the performance of the environmental management system through internal audits, management review meetings and environmental measurements, and when necessary, we ensure that corrective actions are implemented in accordance with the ISO 14001 requirements available at our production facilities.

Possible emergencies in terms of environmental and OHS management processes at Almesan Alüminyum have been defined, necessary procedures have been established and implemented to ensure continuity.

Environmental management studies are audited throughout Almesan Alüminyum activities, and the performance data obtained is constantly monitored. Environmental performance, as well as internal audit studies, It is subject to the audit of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of Rep. of Türkiye and external audits carried out by authorized independent institutions. There was no non-compliance with environmental laws and regulations in 2021, and no legal sanctions or penalties were imposed on Almesan Alüminyum in this context.

We responsibly encourage environmental management processes in the eyes of all stakeholders, especially our employees, organize employee trainings in this direction, and increase awareness on environmental issues. In the upcoming period, we will continue our efforts to minimize our environmental impacts regarding our operations, to increase our performance and to raise awareness on this issue.