Working Life At Almesan Alüminyum

Recruitment Process

New employment at Almesan Alüminyum is carried out in accordance with the Human Resources Policy. After the preliminary evaluation of the Human Resources Department, the applications are evaluated by the head of the relevant department and, if necessary, by the top management. Inappropriate applications are are replied by the Human Resources Department. In all interviews, it is essential to protect the reputation of Almesan Alüminyum and to show the necessary respect to the other party.

All legal requirements are fulfilled for the people who terminate their working life at Almesan Alüminyum to prevent grievance in case of leaving their jobs. The reasons of quitting are analyzed and are considered as an input for the improvements to be made.

Compliance with legal requirements is essential in remuneration and working hours. All employees are employed with social security (SGK). Volunteering is essential in overtime. Performance evaluations and benchmarking studies with similar sectors are used as inputs in the wage increases and regulations of employees out of collective agreement.

Almesan Alüminyum Remuneration Policy for employees out of collective agreement is regulated and implemented within the framework of the management of wages and fringe benefits, fair, impartial, competitive, rewarding and motivating criteria that appreciate high performance.

Main Objectives of the Remuneration Policy are;
– Making remuneration by emphasizing the concepts of job size, performance, contribution to the job, knowledge-skills and competencies,
– Motivating and increasing the loyalty of employees by ensuring the wage balance within and between companies and competitiveness in the market,
– It is the inclusion of the appropriately qualified workforce that will enable the company to achieve its goals.

All elements of the wage are private and confidential. It is only within the knowledge of the employee her/himself, her/his managers and the Human Resources Department. It is essential that the employee pays maximum attention to the issue of confidentiality and does not share this information with third parties and other Almesan Alüminyum employees.

Employment Profile

Information about the Almesan Alüminyum Employment Profile is included in the performance indicators. Almesan Alüminyum has received motivating awards related to employment in different periods since the day its production activities started. Some of these are given below.

İşkur Kocaeli, Plaque of Appreciation dated 8th of March 2019 and 8th of March 2020 for Contribution to Women’s Employment

İşkur Kocaeli Plaque of Appreciation Dated December 2016 for Contribution to Disabled Employment

Kocaeli Human Resources Employment Exhibition and Career Days Acknowledgment Plaque dated April 2019

Equal Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination

As stated in the Almesan Workplace Equal Opportunity Declaration;

“Almesan Alüminyum Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. undertakes to comply with the Labor Law and other legal regulations determined by the Laws of the Republic of Türkiye. In Almesan, there is no evaluation criteria based on gender, creed, ethnic origin, etc. and there is no discrimination among employees. Almesan is committed to providing all its employees with equal opportunities to improve themselves in their work.”

Between the employees, there is no discrimination or exclusion due to any other condition that may cause discrimination or discrimination including gender, age, creed, race, social class, ancestry, social background, disability, ethnic and national origin, nationality, membership of trade unions or other legal organizations, political affiliations or opinions, sexual orientation, family responsibilities, marital status, illness. In particular, workers cannot be harassed or punished for the reasons mentioned above.

All employees are given equal rights and opportunities to develop and communicate. Performance evaluations are followed on an employee basis, and the reasons for performance declines are analyzed and these results are used as inputs in career planning.

Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining

No action is taken against the organization of employees at Almesan Alüminyum. The collective bargaining agreement signed between Almesan Alüminyum and the Turkish Metal Union is decisive for the rights and responsibilities of the employees dependent on the collective agreement.

Child Labor

Child labor is not employed in Almesan Alüminyum and child labor is not supported. Personnel under the age of 15 are not recruited. During the recruitment, the official documents related to the personnel are examined by the HR and Administrative Affairs Department and the subject is guaranteed. In case of an application under the age of 15, the applicant is courteously informed by the Human Resources Department with reference to the labor law and Almesan Alüminyum employee policy to prevent any negative impact.

Child labor is not allowed in Almesan Alüminyum, and it is the basic rule that its suppliers meet the same conditions. Suppliers are subject to audits and investigations on child labor at regular intervals. Child labor is one of the most important factors affecting the audit results in terms of supplier selection and performance analysis.

Forced or Compulsory Labor

Job applications are on a voluntary basis. Bonded labor, forced labor, illegal employment, and involuntary employment are not applicable to Almesan Alüminyum.

If a migrant worker is taken, all laws are taken into account.

No employee may be subjected to physical punishment, pressure or verbal abuse.

Working and break times are adjusted according to legal requirements. Volunteering is essential in overtime. Paid annual leaves are also granted by law.

Legal requirements are also applied for pregnant employees on issues such as working hours, doctor checks, maternity leave.

All details, including their rights, responsibilities, working hours, wages and payment conditions, are explained to newly recruited employees and a contract is signed.

Seasonal workers are not employed at Almesan Alüminyum.

Employee Satisfaction

At Almesan Alüminyum, The feedbacks given by the employees has significant importance. Employees in this regard can convey all their suggestions through suggestion boxes. In addition, suggestions and improvement potentials are recorded on the basis of stations during the evaluation tours carried out in the field, and an action plan is created for the efficient ones.

Evaluation is made about the satisfaction of the employees by creating surveys that have been approved by the top management once a year. The main question titles in these surveys are as follows:

– Career development,
– Communication,
– Opportunity Equality,
– Leadership,
– Opportunity to learn and achieve,
– Recognition,
– Goal setting and performance evaluation,
– Training and development,
– Managing the organization,
– Employment conditions,
– Facilities and services provided to employees,
– Health and safety conditions,
– Job security,
– Wage and non-wage payments,
– Relationships with colleagues,
– Working environment

When the results from the 65-question survey were evaluated in December 2021, a satisfaction rate of 54.40% emerged. A minimum of 60% has been set as the target for 2022