Business Ethics

The business ethics approach at Almesan Alüminyum is based on globally accepted reliability, confidentiality, principled management understanding, morality and responsibility.

The business ethics approach at Almesan Alüminyum has been clearly and unequivocally demonstrated. It is aimed to protect the corporate image, to ensure compliance with the legal regulations, ethical and professional principles and universal rules regarding the fight against bribery and corruption.

Almesan Alüminyum’s business ethics and rules also include companies from which consultancy, advocacy and similar support services are provided and their employees, companies from which outsourcing services are received (suppliers, subcontractors, etc.) and their employees, apart from their own employees.

Almesan Alüminyum has adopted the principle of complying with the laws and regulations regarding bribery and corruption, universal legal rules, ethical and professional principles in all countries where it operates and is represented. Within the scope of this principle, it acts with a “zero tolerance” approach against bribery and corruption and undertakes to continue its activities in a fair, honest and lawful manner.

Offering a payment or anything of value in order to obtain a legal and unethical benefit even in favor of Almesan Alüminyum, obtaining a similar benefit from other organizations and individuals, bribery or corruption even if such practices are common in the country or business line of operation, all kinds of legal and unethical behavior that can be considered as illegal is prohibited. The material value of the benefit that is the subject of bribery and corruption, or whether anything is done for the other party in return, is not important. In case the value of the interest is very low or the commitment given despite the offer has not been realized yet, it will be against the rules of business ethics and tolerance cannot be tolerated.

Training and awareness-raising programs are provided to employees and business partners about the legal requirements regarding the anti-bribery and anti-corruption program. Safe and accessible communication channels are provided where employees can report suspicious situations.

Any payment to facilitate or accelerate any work is prohibited. Employees should not tolerate or allow the other party to offer, promise, request, demand, give or accept this in their relations with third parties. It is not permitted to directly or indirectly offer, promise or give gifts, hospitality or any other benefit to foreign or domestic, government or public officials, unless the required approvals (specific or general for a certain level of gift/hospitality) are available.

Encountering or suspecting bribery and corruption

All Almesan Alüminyum employees are responsible for notifying their manager of any bribery and corruption-related or suspected situations without delay. For such cases;
– Offering a bribe to the employee or his/her colleague,
– Witnessed or known interest relations and conflicts of interest,
– Irregularities noticed in company records,
– Attitudes and behaviors such as favoring or providing benefits encountered in tenders and purchases,
– Providing benefits to any customer or supplier in violation of legal regulations,
– Forcing the employee or his colleagues to act contrary to the written texts of the business ethics rules of any institution or person from within or outside the company can be given as examples

Sanctions for deviant behavior and attitudes

In case of violation of the Almesan Aluminum Business Ethics Regulation and the Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy, there are sanctions up to the termination of the employment contract according to the internal regulations, and more severe sanctions are applied depending on the situation of the contrary behavior.


Bribery: In order to enable a person to perform an action contrary to the requirements of his duty or out of the ordinary course of business by means of doing, not doing, speeding up or slowing down a job, directly or indirectly, within the framework of a verbal or written agreement from the other party, material or moral benefit to himself or another person to be shown. means providing. Benefit that can be considered a bribe; It can be in many different forms such as cash, gift, event invitation or ticket, debt forgiveness, charitable donation.

Corruption: It refers to the misuse of the authority held due to the position, directly or indirectly, for personal financial or moral gain.