Our Sustainability Policy

The UN Global Compact fully coincide with the corporate values of Almesan Alüminyum, and the global compact gathered under the main headings of human rights labor standards, environment and anti-corruption are supported by Almesan Alüminyum.

On the basis of the UN Global Compact, we have identified the topics that we can contribute by integrating the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the EU Green Deal.

As a result of the mistakes made on a global scale and the lessons learned so far, we have adopted the principle of “Let’s start from today for the next generations” in order to step into a better future, and on this basis, we have divided our sustainability policy into five main groups.

Stakeholder-oriented Sustainability

We adopt a sustainable approach together with our stakeholders by being always in communication and collaboration with them, -by hearing their voices, and -by caring their feedbacks.

Employee-oriented Sustainability

We target to become a company, -acting by the main principle “human is the first at all operations” , -providing healthy and safe working environment to its employees, -supporting the training and education for development of compentency and performance, -ensuring equal opportunities to all employees as an anti-discrimination company and -catching continual employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Environment-oriented Sustainability

We contribute environmental subjects inside of our main references by a sustainability approach -running all operations environmental friendly, -using natural sources rightly and efficiently, -planning and developing the processes by the target of lower carbon footprint.

Customer-oriented Sustainability

We present our products by producing in optimum cost accordance with competitive conditions of global market. We provide product quality and safety above the expectations of the customers together with on-time delivery performances. We target a sustainable market and customer satisfaction by generating common sense with our customers to innovative manufacturing techniques and products.

Future-oriented Sustainability

We are aware about our social accountabilities as a part of the society too. We support planning and performing social projects and contributions under the holding structure. We put contribution to the social and economical development of the society. We know the value of, knowledge and experience which are the most important competitiveness. We target to become an active part of information society by properly processed, safe and fit-to-purpose knowledge management. We do infrastructure investments for data to be managed in digital media. By considering environmental- and employee-friendly processes, We aim new products together with research, development and innovation and also to provide new employment. We cordially support a sustainable earth to deliver it as happy and habitable to the generations of Tomorrow whose we borrowed the Today