Our Management Policy



Management model which has been created in order to achieve the goals in sustainability journey, of Almesan Alüminyum is based on proper planning and controlling.

The first and main goal is to be a reliable and respected company that strengthens its position in the market by ensuring the satisfaction of its customers while also ensuring the satisfaction of its stakeholders. In the challenging competitive conditions of the global market, Almesan Alüminyum always gives priority to staying at the optimum point in the satisfaction of its stakeholders.

Corporate quality for Almesan Alüminyum means product and service quality above expectations, product diversity based on innovation and R&D, a sustainable and developable management system infrastructure.

The most important parameters of this infrastructure are respect for people, respect for the environment, and efficient use of the right resources.

The respect for people is shaped by Almesan Aluminum ethical rules, a healthy and safe working environment, and the benefits generated for the society through social investments.

The importance and the contribution considered to education and training activities for the development of knowledge and skills is the first step for sustainability. Together with the importance to education and training, Almesan Alüminyum creates a motivating environment for its employees at all levels, creates an environment where employees can freely present their suggestions and encourages its employees in this regard.

Almesan Management System Policies

  • All activities of Almesan Alüminyum is priorly accordance with defined frame of Constitution of Republic of Türkiye firstly and other all laws, legislations and regulations. Any idea and application generated for the world’s favour and also is inside of working scope of Almesan Alüminyum is considered by Almesan Alüminyum as well. Relevant idea or application is included to Corporate Quality System by an understandable and applicable for whole stakeholders.
  • While creating targets and goals, compliance with corporate principles of Almesan Alüminyum is always on the front. Goals and targets are always stayed updated by continual reviews to keep them realizable and optimum.
  • The first and basic target of Almesan Alüminyum is sustainable customer satisfaction and while providing it, a sustainable system with other stakeholders based on common benefits as well.
  • Quality- and technical-oriented products are the first priority for sustainable customer satisfaction. To meet the customer expectations, product and production applications including also R&D and innovation works are the part of the main corporate agenda.
  • Sustainability of corporate quality system is provided by determination of improvement potentials of the system and supporting them with actions, sharing the knowledge at all activities and setting of corporate quality awareness.
  • Internal customer approach finds place at corporate quality system by assuming all actions by the order of market search, sales, planning, procurement, production, delivery and aftersales as a loop
  • Determination and correction of the nonconformities, taking preventive precautions supporting with proper data analysis and improvements are the approaches to our goal “Producing the right at the first time”. The mentioned with “Producing the right at the first time” is the provision of effective usage of all sources of Almesan Alüminyum, and a sustainable production and product network which meets economic, environmental and social requirements at optimum level together with stakeholders’ engagement.
  • Employees are the most important stakeholders of Almesan Alüminyum. To set free all employees for explaination of their own suggestions, to encourage them for sustaining it and to create the motivating ambient are the main responsibility of Almesan Alüminyum against them.
  • Risks are determined and evaluated to reach the “zero accident and occupational disease” target by the engagement of the employees. Mentioned risks are fully terminated and/or lowered to reasonable levels by the actions taken. A reliable environment is provided at OH&S base to the employees of Almesan Alüminyum. A leading role is performed by sharing mentioned works with other stakeholders priorly suppliers as well and by keeping the subject as actual.
  • Training, internally and externally, is the most important tool to settle the corporate quality where Almesan Alüminyum names a greater importance. Effectiveness of the main subjects like development of corporate quality awareness, highering the level of environmental sense, empowering the importance of energy efficieny at actual agenda, fully provision of OH&S can only be provided by the training. This is possible by a goal- and target-oriented training programme.
  • All administrative sources are provided by Almesan Alüminyum to act all these mentioned subjects.
  • Corporate quality approach includes product safety concept together with other items like environment, OH&S, energy, GHG emissions as well. Investment decisions covers the equal evaluations of each item as a investment parameter. The effects of them to the factors like new facility, new production line, new process or new material usage are priorly analyzed.
  • To prevent the wastes at own sources, if not, to keep pollution and contamination at minimum level is always kept actual in corporate agenda. Together with the previously mentioned, contribution to the protection of natural sources, consideration of reuse or recycling potentials are in the agenda of Almesan Alüminyum. Efficient Usage of the sources are supported at both internal and external applications.
  • During the preparation of productivity enhancing projects, the usage of renewable energy sources, production with lower carbon footprint are considered. For a sustainable production, the usage of recycled materials, energy supply from the renewable sources are the noticable parameters. Almesan Alüminyum also use these parameters as evaluation criteria at its own production concept.
  • Suppliers are the other important stakeholders of Almesan Alüminyum. Almesan Alüminyum contributes to the corporate development of the supplying parties by mutual knowledge and experience sharing, and by effective cooperation starting from supplier registration.Almesan
  • Alüminyum has always full emergency preparedness to protect the ecosystem where is the part of it by preparation of emergency plans including natural disasters as well.