Academic Collaboration

We collaborate Material Science Engineering Departments of Leading Universities of Türkiye to develop the alloy series targeted.

Supplier and Supply Chain Development Program

For a continual product quality and a continual supply chain together with effective energy consumption and lower carbon footprint; we work for a sustainable supply chain by raising awareness of appropriate suppliers who are able to produce targeted quality recycled ingots in Türkiye.


Design of material and alloy, design of proper production process to achieve  the suitable technical properties, determination of product ranges and capabilities, testing and verification are performed at Almesan İVME.

Compatibility with End Product


We test and evaluate short- and long-term performances of end-products in the form of kitchenware goods, produced from ECO2ALL discs  with 100% recycled and lower carbon footprint.

Product Declaration of Conformity

Declaration of conformity of ECO2ALL products have been prepared by Almesan Alüminyum accordance with ISO 14021:2016 Environmental labels and declarations. For more details please click here.

Independent Audit

ECO2ALL Product Management System of Almesan Alüminyum has been audited and approved by Bureau Veritas based on compatibility between documentation and recording system and applications on factory site, together with procurement management, planning, production, sales, test and evaluation processes also including the calculations of recycling ratio and greenhouse emission. To reach the relevant audit report, please click